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Meanwhile, back at the workshop……(latest news)

21-06-2013 At RAW Coffee, Kuala Lumpur


Brooklyn is now hip

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Opening NN-DE Café
Last week the Rotterdam mayor Aboutaleb officially opened Nationale-Nederlanden Douwe Egberts-Café at Stationsplein 25, Rotterdam, NL.

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Illustration made by Bernd Röttgers, of the new Spirit at the Röst Art coffee bar in Bochum, Germany.

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The new, very stylish DE-ODE in Amsterdam.

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BICA Cafe - Sydney Australia (Parramatta)

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Some good use for Doubleshots old Mirage

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Parlor Coffee, New York City’s smallest espresso bar

Parlor Coffee might be New York City’s smallest espresso bar. It opened recently in the back of the Persons of Interest barbershop in Williamsburg. Dillon Edwards, the barista, operates his one-group Speedster espresso machine in a tiny back room that he shares with a display of hair tonics and creams.

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Re-building a Mirage Idrocompresso a bit

Bart of Koffie Cafeetje in Arnhem, Netherlands, re-built his Mirage Idrocompresso a bit. He installed the automatic flush system by using Bastone lever switches and adapted steam wands. Also the hot water is now activated by a Bastone lever, moving side-ways. Lots of parts were replaced by brass, including the lever handles. Filter holder handles are made in wood.



Review Spirit Duette

Paul and Kris testing a Spirit Duette. We since explained them there is an easier way to take off the bent body panels!



Jaroslav Tuček`s DoubleShot team from Prague
The Cafe: Muj salek kavy –

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Bastone Auto-Stop

Kaffeepiraten in Vienna ordered the very first Spirit Bastone Auto-Stop. This is a variation on the Bastone: the machine is equipped with flow meters, so one can adjust the lever to the desired shot volume. Having just one lever per group limits the possible adjustments to one volume only, but when adjusting it to the double shot volume, life behind the machine becomes a bit more relaxed. Now only the single shot requires stopping the extraction manually.



A new Australian sub-dealer for our work

Service Sphere, presenting the Mirage and Speedster at the Melbourne food show.

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Spirit Touch pad version

Just a quick note: the Spirit is now available as Touch pad version as well.


July 2012

Happy new Spirit owner in Thailand

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June 2012

Some more artwork


June 2012

At the SCAE-WBC fair in Vienna we have a Spirit Duette at Trabocca`s booth no. F16.

Please visit to experience the exciting combination of Trabocca`s coffee and Spirit.




May 2012

Australia Trip Report part 1:
"Travelling in espresso land - Melbourne"

Australia Trip Report part 2:
"Travelling in espresso land - Sydney"

April 2012

Some artwork!
Some artwork from Thomas Schriefers and Elsie Tao.


April 2012

Melbourne International Coffee Expo
Travelling is not my favorite way to pass time. I do like to be at inspiring places, it is just the travelling to get there I hate. However, our Australian distributor Toby`s Estate decided to introduce the new Spirit at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo, May 4th-6th The AASCA Championships will be held there too. This of course, is certainly the kind of venue that makes it worth the while to suffer the long journey. Australia is way ahead of the rest of the world if it comes to espresso. It will be great to experience the incredibly vibrant Australian coffee scene, meet lots of friends, get first hand reactions on the Spirit, check out the Mirages pumping out over 1.000 cups a day, and finally some sleeping in as well! Next to visiting the fair each day and be eager coffee tourists all over Melbourne, my wife and I will proceed to visit Sydney. Apart from meeting as many coffee people and visiting espresso bars as possible, I`ll give some extensive technical training to the mechanics servicing our Mirages, Spirits and Speedsters.

April 2012

Spirit Series
The first pre-production series Spirits are leaving our workshop. These are all Bastone. This one is ordered by Vince Piccolo, 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters in Vancouver.

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January 2012

Spirit: start of production
Regarding our fully new model SPIRIT, I`d like to share our plans.

Two proto-types are currently being tested thoroughly. One Duette is used at Klaus Thompson`s (WBC 2006) Coffee Collective new bar in Copenhagen for some months now. Klaus certainly puts his Spirit to the test with pumping out 1.000 cups a day (on a 2-group!). A rough and raw unpainted Triplette was installed start of December 2011 at Gwilym Davies (WBC 2009) espresso bar Prufrock in London. Feed back from these highly professional baristas helps us to improve and fine tune the machine at an early stage.

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SCAE World of Coffee Event - 22-24th of June 2011
Although we won`t be exhibiting at Maastricht, it certainly will be worth your while to visit the SCAE World of Coffee Event.




Idrocompresso + Speedster = Idro-matic
We`ve been trying an old idea: having a progressive pre-infusion system with a spring strong enough to also provide a declining pressure later on in the extraction. A simple connection from the Speedster`s PPIC-tube to a levergroup of an old Mirage Idrocompresso provides a perfect test mule.

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`59 Caddy
Edwin from XL-Catering runs a business renting out his stock of Mirages and 1 Speedster on events, fairs and the like. His latest idea is maybe offering this 1959 space-ship era Espresso-Cadillac.




Crema's amazing espresso machine
Forget flavour shots, Crema’s Geoff Polci is putting some old-word romance back into your espresso. Part of the fun of visiting his newest location at 53 Bloor E. is watching the baristas pull shots — quite literally — from the levers of Polci’s Jetsons-esque Mirage Triplet Idrocompresso. Here’s the story behind this retro modern marvel.

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Caffe Salimbene

When in Napoli I naturally visited friend Carlo Grenci, owner of Caffe Salimbene. After showing me around in his roastery we proceeded to give his Mirage Idrocompresso a proper check-up. When the work was done we jumped on his Moto Guzzi and started an exhilarating drive through the city of Napoli to visit a colleague espresso machine builder, Mr Bosco. Mr. Bosco builds lever machines only. He considers the switch activated pump machines that arrived roughly 20 years ago in his city, as a passing fad. His machines are mainly sold in and around Napoli, although I once saw a Bosco machine at Cafe Vita`s restaurant in Seattle.



Some of the many lever machines in and around Napoli




Was in Sorrento, south of Napoli, 2 weeks ago. Lots of lever machines there. This little old lady made us a proper “caffe” on her Rancilio!


London Caffè Culture

Impression of our stand at the London Caffè Culture/S.C.A.E./W.B.C. 2010 show


Spirit machine has just been completed.

The first proto-type of the new Spirit machine has just been completed, narrowly in time for the London WBC-SCAE show June 23-25 in London.


First assembling the frame and bodywork of our fully new model: SPIRIT

Body is now at polisher, frame at paintshop. This machine boosts multiple boilers, PID on each boiler, pre-heated water towards front coffee boilers, every boiler can be switched on or off separately, progressive pre-infusion cylinders, lever activated steam valves, individual pressure gauges on each boiler.

We`ll show this proto-type at the upcoming WBC-SCAE-Caffe Culture show June 23-25 in London. Production to start early 2011.


Speedster espresso machine

Mark Prince`s opinion on his Speedster on Coffeegeek
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New version of the Speedster
A new version of the Speedster we are considering: body fully in black. The black is the same powder coating, same semi-gloss as used on the frame. Other changes are a polished front plate around the progressive pre-infusion cylinder, polished 3mm horizontal strips between the black body parts at the rear, brushed strips running along the aluminum panels. In short, every part is either black or high gloss metal.
Infuso di caffe Idrocompresso
The original owners of the one-off “Infuso di caffe Idrocompresso” (built in 1988) have decided to sell this machine. It is a huge piece, containing 2 separate single-group levermachines, built with Astoria parts. It is still fully complete, the original Quickmill grinder is included (not on picture). A knock box is built-in, there are 21 legs, each adjustable in height, lighted from inside. For any further information please contact the owners directly. They now live in Spain, but the machines resides in Zwolle, Netherlands:
K.K. Roos
Andalucia Beach Apt. 2
Ctr. de Cadiz km 162 (CN 340)
29680 Estepona Spain: (0034) 952 805042
Mobil: Int + 31 + 653 441990 / Int + 34 617 023563

Production of the new SPEEDSTER is now in full swing.

This is ex-works from workshop in Waalre, excl. VAT (for European residents),
incl. wooden crating and all necessities to install and use:......

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Using colors
The success of the fully black semi-gloss powder coated Bad Ass machine we did a while back made us reconsider using colors.We are now offering the option having the stainless body parts powder coated in any color.The degree of gloss, from matted to high gloss, is optional as well. Colors shown on the Duette Idrocompresso and Triplette Standard are for inspiration. To finish the machine, it is of course crucial to fit the correct side panels to the color chosen.

Standard options are the Veloce, high gloss aluminium panels, or the Classic glass panels.The glass panels can be done with your own name/logo, either sandblasted or with colorful prints.


Mirages in Australia
Toby, Anthony and barista celebrating the successful installation of Dutch espressomachines at all their shops with a proper Dutch drink.Both Toby`s Estate and Dean Morgans Handcrafted Coffee are actively selling our Mirages in and around Sydney. Toby has three espresso bars (Woolloomooloo, Potts Point and Chippendale), a new foothold in Melbourne with roasting facility and will soon open up in Brisbane.



Coffee test
Dutch national newspaper “Algemeen Dagblad” once a year conducts a coffee test. A reporter together with renowned coffee taster Barend Boot visit lots of cafes and coffee bars. The list of addresses to visit is compiled from suggestions sent in by readers. At each address they test 2 plain coffees, 2 cappuccino`s and 2 espresso`s. This year we congratulate Doppio Espresso up north in Groningen with their victory. We are happy to report Doppio Espresso uses a Mirage Triplette equipped with progressive pre-infusion. Number 2 to 5 also use our machines, either Mirages or Mistrals.

Bad Ass Machine
For Rick`s soon to open second "Espressofabriek" in Amsterdam, he asked to have his Triplette Idrompresso done fully in black. The black is the same semi-gloss powdercoating as we use standard on the frame. This turned out to be quite a convincing bad ass machine. So much so in fact, we are now thinking of doing some more bodies in several different colors. We installed some different side panels to see which looks best.
The aluminium side panels colour (standard red/yellow or black only) has no effect on the price. This price is ex-works from our news in Waalre, the Netherlands. It comes packed in fully wooden crating, containing all necessities to install and use, including a water-softener. We can assist in arranging the shipping. We have now started to compile a list of orders.
We expect to start shipping out the first machines from this September.
For all additional information please contact: click here>
Please note we will be away to Copenhagen from June 17 to 24.
The Speedster wearing its regular colours.
Please note these photo`s all depict a first series of 5 presentable proto-types.
Some details are still to be changed. For example the PID will be in matt black,
the plate in which it houses is to become the data plate with black imprint, the draintray will be changed slightly.
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Some first snapshots of the new Speedster in black.
As not verybody seems to favor the red-yellow panels, we will offer the choice to either have them in the original colour, or in black. This simple colour change makes for a fairly different look, from wild to sophisticated.


Introduction NEW Speedster
We will be participating as exhibitor at the S.C.A.E. show in Copenhagen from June 19 till 22. Our stand number is 121.
Next to showing some interesting Mirages we will introduce the completely new Speedster. In 2001 we built 6 Speedster machines, simply as a fun project. Through the years many mails and phone calls asking for this machine have eventually persuaded us to re-develop it into a true production machine.
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Andronicas World of Coffee
London - Andronicas coffee company’s new espresso bar at the original Harrods Store in Knightsbridge, London will delight coffee enthusiasts everywhere. Andronicas World of Coffee has selected some of the finest and rarest coffee beans on the planet and will custom roast and grind the beans to the customer’s specification. The coffee selection includes highly sought after coffees from traditional areas, such as Brazil and Java, as well as more exotic destinations like the Galapagos Islands and Hawaii. Harrods customers will be among a select group of people with the opportunity to appreciate and purchase some of the winners of the prestigious Cup of Excellence award, an accolade granted to only a small number of coffees globally. While waiting for their freshly roasted beans, customers will be able to sit and savour a coffee in the store, with a full range of coffee styles, and a choice between Cup of Excellence blend or the Fair Trade Espresso blend. Andronicas World of Coffee opens on 12 December 2007 and will be open from 11am to 7pm Mon-Sat and 12-6pm Sunday. And a Mirage Veloce will be used to prepare those magnificent.
A large Dutch national newspaper conducts a coffeetest every year. I`m happy to report 8 out of the top ten are using machines provided by us. Most strikingly, two are working with Mirages Idrocompresso`s, the levergroup machines. One finished at the number 1 position, the Bagels & Beans shop of Sietse van den Berg and Laurens Dekkers in `S-Hertogenbosch. Congratulations!
"When we moved the complete contents of the old to the new news, our trusty Mirage Duette Idrocompresso went too. We certainly do, after all, need our espresso to start the day, and of course again and again to keep us going throughout the day. This prompted me to dug out another old favorite, the Macchina Scoperta!
Pictures & Video
MIRAGES at the opposite of our globe
Hope you`ll enjoy some photo`s of Mirages at duty in New Zealand. These were kindly sent by Georges Downes working at our NZ distributor Atlas Power Coffee.
The actual moving of the entire news to the new location was done in just 2 days. The remaining 3 days of last week were spent to put everything where it belongs, installing drill, benches, vices, etc. etc.
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This week, April 2-7, we are finally moving our news.
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Presenting the Mirage Bastone
Several months ago Jeroen Veldkamp, well-known Dutch barista, asked for a semi-automatic version of the Mirage. As he had seen and tried the small bumper-sprung levers we did on some of the old Mistrals, he insisted on a similar system.
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Since September 2006 we install this mixing manifold in every Mirage.
The cold water enters from the right. The incoming cold water is directed towards four destinations: the heat-exchanger manifold, the boiler fill solenoid, the pump pressure gauge and the centre of this manifold, passing through the solenoid at the right.
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Owner Rick Woertman runs his Espressofabriek a little over one year now and just sent these photos to show all is under control and going very wel.
Introduction of the Mirage on the November 2006 Taipei tradeshow by Mr. Frank Yang of the Vetti Company.
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