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Speedster History

From 1995 till 2004 we built the Mistral series of espresso machines, using boilers and groups from La Marzocco.

During those days we also were the official importer of La Marzocco machines for the Netherlands.
Through the years we acquired some of the old type paddle-groups from the GS machines. As we could not bring ourselves to dump these we eventually decided to use these in a fun-project: building a small series of one-group machines, especially designed to use these groups for their proper purpose. This machine was called Speedster.
A total of six were built in 2001 and sold remarkably quick to friends and relatives.

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These first Speedsters were technically rather simple. The rear steamboiler was small, with the same diameter as the coffee boiler, as Marzocco used to do when they started using their double boiler system. Temperature of the steam boiler was controlled by a pressostat. The coffeeboiler temperature was monitored by the standard Marzocco mechanical Fenwall temperature switch.

Soon after we showed this machine under Earlier Work on this site, mails and telephone calls started to come in. We soon realized it might be worth our while to develop it into a true production machine.

As the Mistral was coming of age we decided to design a completely new, second series Mistral. La Marzocco expressed the wish to buy this design and to build the new Mistral themselves. This ended our reason to be LM distributor for the Netherlands. Re-designing the Speedster thus became the perfect opportunity to finally coming to grabs with the long existing wish to develop our very own multiple boiler system with matching group.

Creating a new machine (only the general look of the initial Speedster was kept) complete with a totally new technical set-up proved to be time consuming.

The new Speedster was introduced at the 2008 Copenhagen W.B.C. fair.